Happy in Singapore

I seem to have been shipping bags overseas more than in the UK recently.....France, Germany, a chap in the USA who now has every colour of bag that I sell, Finland, Turkey, Italy to name a few but there's been a great deal of interest in my bags from Singapore of all places!

This is an email I got from one lovely person from over there which made my day so I thought I'd share it.....

'Hi Gillybean, I just want to say a big thank you for sending the item to me so promptly. I've received it in excellent condition, and I'm surprised by the light weight of the bag, and the strong Velcro strips, plus how easy it is to be folded and mounted on the rear rack - impressive! I will share this excellent purchase with the HUGE Brompton cycling group here in my country (Singapore) and hope more cyclists will benefit from this bike bag, as compared to the other competitors in the market! Thanks for coming up with such brilliant product based on your years of cycling experience (& frustration I believe...). This product is simply amazing. Best regards, Very satisfied customer'

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